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Online Portfolio – 2014


I’ve been lucky to work with with major automotive manufacturers to produce special advertising sections that help explain new or complicated technologies to consumers.

Audi Clean Diesel

Washington Post

Audi is a leader in diesel technology worldwide, but diesel has a dirty name here in the United States. American drivers have long memories about sooty, slow, unreliable diesel-powered cars sold here in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Following on a full-line media launch in Washington, DC, I produced a series of eight articles for an Audi of America-sponsored topic grid on, which helped to educate American consumers about the advancements in clean diesel fuel, and the benefits of TDI engine technology on Audi’s product line.


Volt Forbes2

Soon after the launch of the Chevrolet Volt, American consumers were still confused by the technology. Was it an electric car? Was it a hybrid? What it was was a revolution in how electric powered vehicles are sold in this country, providing drivers with a fully electric-powered automobile with a small, four-cylinder gasoline engine as a backup, to alleviate the “range anxiety” of driving every other electric car.

My work was the focus of a special advertising section to showcase this new technology and the Chevrolet Volt was the title sponsor.

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